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Whimsy Bunny

Whimsy Bunny
by Kinley

Below is Kinley’s latest piece of art. This is her Whimsy Bunny done in pastels. This is one on my favorites although it is really hard for me to choose as I love them all so much. I am in the process of getting Kinley’s artwork framed for the Santa Cruz County Fair. I think it will be really exciting for her to see her pieces displayed there.

At the young age of six Kinley already has visions of what she would like to do with her art. She has been requesting that I have her art printed so that she can give it to people who are sick. She has such a warm heart and genuine concern for others and the world around her. I am going to look into having her artwork made into postcards and we will see where that leads her. I fully believe that she will end up doing something wonderful with her art as a way to help others.

Whimsy Bunny by Kinley
Kinley drew this freehand and colored with pastels.
August 2009, 6 Years old
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