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There’ll be days like this my Mama said

Awwww… It is a fresh new day and I am feeling much better after my ranting post last night. I have high hopes that today will go much better. I spent the remainder of my evening last night doing some wine and chocolate therapy. For those of you who do not know I love chocolate more than just about anything and it truly takes me to my happy place.

As I  was scouring the pantry for chocolate to clam my pounding nerves and my head that was about to explode I notice that my private stash was gone. Ughhh, who found my chocolate?  As I searched through the crap I came across a big unopened bag a Nestle Chocolate Chips, YES, that will do! It really does not matter what form it comes in as long as it is chocolate. I took no shame is ripping the bag open and indulging in the chips! The husband attempted to give me a strange look but I think he knew to keep his trap shut, he is slowly learning when not to mess with me.

Wine + Chocolate = Stress Relief

New Pink Laptop, Pink Mouse, Pink Blackberry, Glass of Wine and a Bag O Chocolate! These are a few of my favorite things!

Alas,  I am still of course running for mother of the year. Breakfast this morning was prepared just as lovingly as dinner was last night. I take my role as the household chef very seriously and I serve my family nothing but the best! Hopefully, my Mother will miss this post as I am sure that my phone will be ringing with utter horror!

WALLA!!! Breakfast is served. YUMMY!!

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