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I’ve Learned

“I’ve learned that you can keep going long after you think you can’t”

Last night I had my track work out with Team in Training and for some reason this quote kept repeating in my head,  “You can keep going long after you think you can’t”. Last night was a painful work out for me. It was extremely hard and tiring. I had spent that day taking my girls to their preschool orientation and then we went swimming with some friends. After a busy day filled with lots of hot weather I was feeling pretty tired by the time that I arrived to the track. My knees were still feeling sore from my hill training and to top that off I tripped doing one of the drills and twisted my ankle, I am such a klutz!

I really had to push myself to new level to keep going last night. My body wanted to collapse as I was instructed to run the track at 85%. As a major side cramp came on I just told my mind to ignore the pain and do it anyway. I believe that the body can do anything that the mind tells it to. If your mind believes that you can do something the body will follow. Well, I am not sure that my mind was all that convinced but I felt that pain and did it anyway. Today I am icing my legs, lots of ice!! Tomorrow I have an 8 mile run so I am hoping to get much needed rest today!!

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