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Crazy Dreams

Lately I have been having some pretty crazy dreams. I am not sure what the special occasion is for these random ramblings of my sleeping brain but they are pretty entertaining in a weird way. Last night I had a very stressful dream that left me with much anxiety. The dream starts out in the middle of Kinley’s birthday party and I am frantically trying to dial the phone to figure out why the bounce house had not been delivered. I am so stressed that I can hardly function or dial the phone. To make matters much worse I realize that Kinley is still in her pajamas and has bed head, this is tragic. Unfourtantley, I am way too stressed about the bounce house to have time to get her dressed and brush her hair. As I make another attempt to dial the phone which seems difficult and almost impossible I then realize that I forgot to order a birthday cake or set out food for the guests, OMG what was I thinking? I was so stressed and overwhelmed in the dream that I felt paralyzed and heavy. This dream was a total nightmare for a type A anal planner like me who has to have everything perfect and orderly. Yes, I am a total freak, I know!

I have no clue where my next dream came from but when I told my husband about it he looked rather frightened and all he could say is “that’s different”. The dream starts out with me in an almost empty house. I am packing boxes with my best friend Devon because I am getting a divorce and moving. I then hand Devon a very large pair of scissors and instruct her to go into my husband’s closet and cut one sleeve, yes, just one, off of all of his dress shirts. As she was cutting each sleeve off I woke up from my dream hysterically laughing. Perhaps it is normal for my husband to feel disturbed by this.  I, on the other hand cannot stop laughing, my husband calls it the naughty laugh!

I am a very vivid dreamer and always have been. My dreams feel extremely real and often take days for me to get over. I had a dream when I was five years old that still haunts me to this day. I call it the “bat dream”. When I was a little girl I lived in the mountains and I was a vegetarian (still am) in my dream I was playing with my cousins in the woods near my house. I became friends with this bat, yes a disgusting bat with black wings. Anyways my cousins caught the bat and barbequed him and made me eat my bat friend. I was so traumatized by this dream as a little girl and I have hated bats ever since!!

What the heck do our dreams mean? I like to think that they mean nothing because that way I do not have to psychoanalyze myself. However, I was haunted with nightmares about my ex-husband for many years so perhaps my dreams do mean something?  In a nutshell I think they mean that I have some issues… Don’t we all? Share your crazy dreams and thoughts…

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