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Marathon Training Update

I am getting so excited to go to Seattle in November to run a full Marathon. We have decided to make a family road trip out of it. We will be driving to Seattle with my sister and her family in their huge diesel pusher. The RV is amazingly huge and longer then my house! I am not only looking forward to the trip but Becca is going to run the marathon with me. She is going to train to run the half but I am going to talk her into doing the full marathon, I know that she can do it!

I am still nursing an ankle injury which has been extremely frustrating for me. I went to the foot doctor this week and I was diagnosed with a stress injury to the tendon. I was given an air cast to wear and I really hate it. Hopefully I will not need it much longer. Part of my recovery will involve deep water running classes and I am looking forward to do that.

Team in Training has really brought out a lot of emotions for me! I am typically not an over emotional person. But since I started TNT I have seen a whole new side of myself and so have my friends and family. I think that I have cried more these past few weeks then I have in the last year.

I attribute this to frustration. I have high expectations for myself and when I set my mind to do something I become very frustrated when anything gets in my way. Starting out with my training I quickly found out that my body could not do what it did 10 years ago, then I had knee issues and now I have my recent ankle injury…Grrrrrrr!! I just want to be able to give 100% to my goal and my training and when I cannot do that I get very frustrated.

Last Saturday was our 10 mile run. I was having the best mental run that I have ever had. I felt great. I was running and talking with my TNT friends and I was not lacking any energy to keep going.  By the time that I arrived to the water stop I was limping and in pain upon walking. I was feeling really nervous at that point that I would not be able to complete the 10 miles but mentally I still felt great. As I continued on with my run I noticed that my ankle did not feel all that bad when I was running, the pain came on when I would slow down or walk. When I arrived to the 5 mile point Coach Brain was there in his car and after he evaluated my ankle it was determined that I should not finish the run. I was so upset. I was feeling so good and I new that I could do it. I wanted to add 10 miles to my accomplishments and I did not want to be held back by my injury. With my high expectations for myself I once again shed a few tears over the situation but I knew that the best thing to do was to go with Brain and cheer on the rest of the team that was still running.

Thank You Trudie, Josie & Eileen, I LOVED running with you! You were my strength! My new friends from Team in Training mean so much to me and they are wonderful inspirations!  GO TEAM!!!

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