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Through Team in Training I have been blessed to meet some amazing people and make wonderful new friends. There is one person who I just loved instantly, not that I don’t love them all because I do! But today I want to tell you about Trudie. Trudie and I have developed a very fun friendship and we enjoy each other’s personalities and sense of humor. Trudie keeps me going when I am feeling weak and tired and she is a great running partner!

I want to share Trudie’s website with you because she makes the most beautiful jewelry! Trudie’s website is called Brighton Belle Jewelry and it was founded Christmas Day on the beach in Brighton, England 2006. The founder Trudie Ransom comes from Brighton and over the years has developed a passion for dynamic and interesting jewelry. Trudie has traveled the world, spending time in Australia, Thailand, South East Asia and the past 10 years in Santa Cruz, California – where she now calls home.

Inspiration for her designs come from the jungles of Thailand, the Australian Great Barrier Reef, the cool deserts, mountains and beaches of America and the pebbles of the beaches in Brighton.

Support Trudie’s Race with Team in Training and shop on her website!!

Brighton Belle Jewelry

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