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26.2 Reasons I’m Running a Marathon with Team in Training

1. Because I want to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

2. Because I want to loose weight.

3. Because I want to make a difference.

4. Because I want to know I can do it.

5. Because I want to fight back against cancer.

6. Because I want a cool race shirt.

7. Because I am running in memory of my loved ones who have lost their battle against cancer and for all the TNT Honorees.

8. Because I want to run across the finish line.

9. Because training for a marathon makes me feel great

10. Because I want to celebrate with a well-deserved bottle of red wine, a good dinner and an fabulously yummy chocolate dessert.

11. Because when I run I feel more alive, even when I feel like I’m dying.

12. Because I want to challenge myself.

14. Because I like any excuse to use Body Glide and wear my running skirt.

13. Because I can!

15. Because I love my team in training friends.

16. Because it provides good conversation.

17. Because I want to get toned up and in shape.

18. Because I am so much happier on a day to day basis when I am running!

19. Because I want to set a good example for my girls that exercise is important.

20. Because I love that special connection I feel with my team, Go Team!

21. So I can have something to write about on my blog.

22. So I can spend money on all the new running gear.

23. Because it’s just so much fun – at least in theory, right?

24. Because I love to eat carbs!

25. Because running keeps me in a good mood, at least most of the time.

26. Because I got talked into it.

26.2. Because I am healthy and loving life.

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