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My New Blog…

I have wanted to start a personal blog for a long time but always found many good reasons for putting it off and many of them make so much sense. For one, I am a very busy work at home mom that does not need another project that will take up anymore of my time and secondly, I really do not need another project that will keep my butt at the computer any longer than it already is. Heck, I own two online business that are very busy and demanding, I love Myspace, I have a family website and I also have two business blogs all of which require me to be at the computer. What in the world am I thinking, why do I need another online distraction? Call me my own worst nightmare. I function very well when I am over committed and I love to multi-task so the busier I am the better because I have no clue how to RELAX!!

Anyway, here I am with my personal blog. This is merely just a way for me to release what bottles up inside of me. I call it mommy babble because that it what it will be. Lots of rantings and ravings about my life, the joys and challenges of motherhood, my hopes and dreams and my strong love for Jesus and my Christian faith.  Please note, I will have lost of typos in my blog, I often write late at night when I am exhausted, I type too fast and I am always being distracted my the world around me!

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