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Busy Times

This past month has been super busy and the past few days have been no exception to that. On Thursday Reggie’s dad, a.k.a, Papa came to visit.  We were all so excited to have him here and so sad for him to leave this morning.

Kinley & Papa

On Saturday I went on my last team run before my marathon in Seattle. I cannot believe that it is less then a week away! This was one of the best runs that I have ever had. We only had to run 8 miles (I never thought I would be saying “I only ran 8 miles”). Throughout this training season I have never strived to be fast or to finish first. My only goal really was to finish. However, on this run I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to do a fast 8 miler. I set out with my running friend Trudie and we were determined to not be passed by anyone. I had my own personal goal as well, I wanted to finish this run faster then I had finished previous 8 mile runs. I felt really strong throughout the entire run and I even finished strong and sprinted to the finish line. I am excited to say the I cut about 20-25 minutes off of my first 8 mile run.

On Saturday afternoon we went to my sister Kristi’s house to do an early Thanksgiving celebration. Here is a little photo of all the cousins together.

The Cousins

On Sunday I was very busy with the trunk show all day and I am very thankful to my Mom, Sister, Jeanna and Christina for helping make it all happen!!

Team Pink Taffy Designs

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