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Beethoven Moment


This weekend we had a large storm system come through Northern California. As I looked out the window I knew that our dogs would not enjoy going outside to do their duties in the rain and gusty winds. Our new puppy Princess Lacey was most displeased with this idea and she looked vey scared when I put her outside. When I went back to check on her a little bit later she was no where to be found. I figured that she must have been scared and was hiding in the yard.  Since my girls were crying for their puppy I went out into the rain to look for her.  I was walking around our yard calling her name and looking under the decks but I did not see her. Sure enough just when I was about to give up I saw this shadow in the dark under the deck, there she was, terrified and shaking and full of mud. The dog has wedged herself so far back under the deck that her belly was flat on the muddy ground and she could barely move.

As I carried her into the house she was dripping mud everywhere. I took her straight to the bathtub which she jumped out of and then ran down the hall and  straight towards our bedroom. As I saw her sprinting towards by bed with every intention to lead her muddy body onto my freshly washed bedding I stared screaming Noooooooooo in slow motion as the muddy mutt leaped onto my bed and slide her entire body from one end to the next. There were many four letter words that came spouting out of my mouth as I ripped her body off of my bed a carried it back to the bathtub. The dog was so muddy that we had to fill up the tub so she could take a real bath to get all of the dirt off. After her bath she got locked up in the kitchen to dry. I figured that she would just lay down and go to sleep after her big adventure but oh no, she was determined to get out of the kitchen. I have honestly never seen anything quiet like what she did. The dog successfully jump over a 4 foot high counter in the kitchen and into the family room. Now this is a little dog, she is half poodle and half shitzu so I have no clue how she pulled this off. I tried to convince my daughters that we should sell her to the circus but that was not accepted at all.

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January 29, 2008 - 2:01 am

Shelly - awwww…what an adoreable dog! We are big dog lovers here!

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