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Seattle Final Countdown

Last night I went to my Team in Training sendoff meeting for the Seattle marathon. I must say that this really got me excited. I cannot believe that the long awaited marathon day is almost here and I am having an even harder time believing that I am actually excited and feel ready to go the distance!

A week before I had to run 18 miles my nerves really had the best of me. I was anxious and apprehensive about that run and had a lot of self doubt, however, I am super excited about my mental state right now for my full marathon. I have total faith in my ability to run this marathon. I have been trained by amazing coaches and I feel ready to run, YEAH!!! I am not so naive as to think that this will be a painless effort. I fully recognize that my body will ache and that I will face moments of discouragement but I know that I can do it. I have learned the tools that I need to to cross that finish line and I know how to push through the pain and keep going when I feel like quiting. As I run this marathon I will be running for those who can’t, I will be running in memory of loved ones who have lost their battles to cancer and in honor of those who are still fighting the battle. I love them all so much. Here is to my amazing TNT honorees, Adrianne, Damon & Christopher. You have all changed my life forever and inspired me greatly. I will proudly run for all of you and feel wonderful knowing that I raised over $3000 to fight cancer.

Tonight as I am doing laundry and packing my families bags I am feeling super excited. I cannot wait to get to Seattle and run this marathon side by side with my best friend & sister Rebecca Stocker!! This will be an amazing experience and it will not end here. TNT has changed my life and I will keep running.

Seattle Sendoff


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November 26, 2008 - 11:51 am

Mom - Aimee, you have always been determined in anything you set out to do but watching you train for this event has allowed me see so much new in you! I am so proud of you, and not just your physical ability to participate in a marathon, but so much more. I love your compassion and love for your family, your determination to honor Adrianne, Damon, Christopher, and others, and I love your spirit and your faith…..your faith in God and in yourself. So while I will be waiting patiently with your husbands and kids for you and Becca to finish on Sunday, my heart will rest knowing that God is running with you both. I love you! Mom

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