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My Beautiful Friend Adrianne

This week I took my amazing and beautiful friend Adrianne to her chemo appointment. Adrianne is a young mom of two little children and she is fighting breast cancer that has spread to her brain. Being in her presence just reminds me how how precious life is and that sometimes we just will never understand why bad things happen to good people. Adrianne inspires me everyday to be a better and stronger person. She has faced her challenge with so much strength and grace and I admire her so much.
After her chemo appointment we decided to go do our grocery shopping together. for such a simple event I had so much fun with her. Grocery shopping with a girlfriend adds fun to a dreaded chore. God has given me the best gift by bringing Adrianne into my life. I know that she has and will continue to teach me so many valuable lessons about life. She has helped me to be a better person and her faith in the lord encourages me so much with my own faith. Her friendship t me  a a blessing and I will cherish it always!
The photos of our day were taken by Hadley, pretty good for a 2 year old  =-)
1-cimg0164.jpg  1-cimg0174.jpg


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