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My Marathon Experience

With a little over a weeks time I am finally ready to write about my marathon experience. I have spent the past week mulling in my post marathon blues but I am happy to report that I am over it!

I arrived in Seattle on Thanksgiving day with my family. I was super excited to have my husband and my daughters with me along with my mom and my sister’s family.

On the morning of the marathon I felt fairly calm. The weather was cold but bearable. As we walked to the start line I was feeling  nervous and excited. The first half of the marathon was great. I was running with my sister and my friend and teammate Trudie. Early on in the race we named ourselves “Team Bitch” and our slogan of the day was “run Bitch Run”, what a way to motivate! This was more of a humorous thing to keep us going and add some fun to the long run ahead of us. For the first half of the marathon we kept a pretty good pace and we were all having a good time. By mile 20 the fun had stopped and the run was becoming difficult and challenging. The course was beautiful and brutal at the same time. It was a rolling course with a may large hills ans slanted streets. By mile 18 my IT Band gave out due to all of the hills. At mile 21 I broke down into tears, it was a mental game at this point and I had lost my focus. My goal now was to just get to the finish line. I no longer had the ability to run so I was basically dragging my stiff left leg along the way and running only when I could muster up the strength to overcome my painfully injured leg.

As I crossed the finish line I felt sad, angry, disappointed and relieved all at the same time. The experience was not at all what I had hoped for. There are many details that I am choosing to leave out. I will say that I do not think that four months of training was even close to enough time to prepare a beginning runner for full marathon. For me personally I needed a lot more miles under my feet before attempting the Seattle Marathon.

On the up side of things I did have a wonderful family vacation in Seattle. We flew to Seattle on Thanksgiving and the next morning when we woke up we watched the Macy’s day parade out our hotel room window, it was truly the best place to watch it and the warmest. Seattle was all decked out in holiday lights and decor. There was so much to see and do.

Stay tuned because this will not be the end of my running. I am more determinened now than ever to be a stronger and faster runner. Team Bitch will go on!!

                   “Run Bitch Run”

                    Seattle Team

           night Before the marathon

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December 10, 2008 - 2:42 pm

Christy - Congratulations! Amiee! It kinda sounds like giving birth. Both times I had my babies it was never what I had expected or planned it to be. When you wrote that it was not what you thought it would be made me think of the labor experience. I tried running when I was 17-19 years old and I did 10K thinking that I wanted to prep for a marathon one day. But it is scary thinking about it now. I for one am proud of your ability and willingness to do something so wonderful for others and for yourself! Good luck with your future running! Happy Holidays. Christy Hadland

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