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Mommy Anxiety

Last night I had just given both of of girls their bath and put them in their jammies. They were playing in the living room just before bed time in this nylon like dog kennel. In retrospect I should not have been letting them play in this thing but they were having fun and being good so I did not think much about it. All of a sudden they crashed to the floor with my 2 year old Hadley landing on the hardwood floors head first. Now Haddie is seriously a walking accident. The girl is so active and she had already had 2 concussions and two chipped teeth all by the age of two. She was screaming as she always does when she gets hurt but I was not all that concerned at first since we have had many bumps and bruises. When I felt the bump in the back of her head my mommy anxiety came rushing through me. The bump was big and not only was it big but it felt mushy and it had a scratch down the middle of it. For some reason this just made my stomach turn and I felt that I need reassurance that she was oaky so off we went to urgent care. Hadley cried all the way to the doctors for Grandma, it was very sweet. The doctor took a look at her bump and said that she may have a slight concussion but that he was sure that she would be fine.
Mommy anxiety is so different from any other kind of worries that I have ever had. When my kids get hurt I actually get chills down my entire spin and just want to take the pain away from them. I think if I could just protect them in a plastic bubble for the rest of their lives I may have some peace. Unfortunately, this is not a realistic option so I will just play the over protective mommy roll for the rest of my life, God Help Me!


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