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First Day of School 2010

This week my sweet girls went back to school. Kinley started first grade and Hadley started kindergarten. I have been enjoying taking off the last two weeks to just spend time with them. As summer was coming to a close I felt that tug on my heart strings yet again that time was slipping by way too fast. We enjoyed every last minute of the summer together. We went school shopping, played on the beach, we had a family day at Gilroy Gardens, we enjoyed the Boardwalk with friends and we had a girly day getting our hair and nails done. Many found memories were made…

Reggie and I took the girls to their first day of school and they were both so excited. Kinley could hardly wait to start first grade and Hadley has been waiting to be a bigĀ kindergartnerĀ for a long time. This year is another big change for our family having both the girls in school. Reggie and I are so proud of them. They are such sweet little girls and the fill our lives and our hearts with so much happiness!

Below our photos from their first day of school as well as some photos from Hadley’s first day of soccer.

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