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San Francisco Nutcracker 2010

I have been wanting to take my girls to the Nutcracker for several years but I never felt that they were quiet old enough to be able to sit through it. This year my Mom blessed us with four tickets to the San Francisco Nutcracker. The girls and I were looking forward to it for weeks and Reggie, well not so much but he was happy to enjoy time with us. We ended up having a little set back early that morning. Kinley was climbing up one of our tall bar stools and she slipped and hit her mouth on the granite counter top.  Unfortunately, when she hit the counter she chipped her brand new front tooth that had just come in recently. My heart was breaking to see how upset she was about her tooth and it hurt even more because some children at school have been teasing her about her front teeth. I immediately called her dentist to see if there was anything that they could do. As I was speaking to the receptionist she was telling me that they did not have any appointments available until after Christmas. She could hear Kinley crying in the background and she put me on hold to go and talk to the dentist. When she came back to the phone she told me to bring her in and that the dentist would fit her in so that she did not have to go through Christmas with a chipped tooth. I cannot even express to you what a blessing this was for my sweet little girl. When we got to the dentist office they took us right back. Kinley was visibly upset and they were so gentle and kind with her. We were meet by a new dentist and I could not have been happier. He was absolutely wonderful with Kinley. He knew that children had been teasing her about her teeth. He told her how beautiful she and her teeth are. Before he bonded her front tooth he explained everything that he was going to do. He let her touch and ask questions about every tool that he put in her mouth. We were so blessed and I highly recommend Dr. Joe Rawlins. On the way to the Nutcracker Kinley kept laughing and smiling. She was so happy to have her tooth fixed and even more happy that her tooth now looks better than it did before as the ridges that were there are now gone. Any chance she got to smile in a mirror that day she did. Reggie and I are so thankful for Dr. Joe Rawlins, he made our little girl feel special and he gave her such a gift by fixing her tooth right away!!

So on to the Nutcracker. We had a fabulous time!! The girls enjoyed it and we had a wonderful family day. We hope to make this an annual tradition!

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