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Pray for Kate McRae

I have been following a story since June of 2009 about a sweet little girl named Kate McRae who was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer.  Kate instantly stole my heart and the sadness that I felt for her has stayed with me. I could not help but think of my own little girls as I read about what she and her family was going through. Kate’s family recently received more devastating news which you can read about here { Kate’s Story}

I am truly at a loss for words and do not feel that anything that I type right now could adequately express  my sadness for Kate and her family. I am constantly inspired when I read her online journal. Here mom Holly and dad Aaron have a very strong walk with the Lord and reading about their faith only helps to strengthen mine.

Today I ask you to please help and support Kate and her family. You can do so by praying for her, by making a donation on her website or by participating in a campaign that we have started at Pink Taffy Designs.

Get a Kate McRae Digital Valentine’s Day Photo Card. Your children will love handing these out and 100% of the profit will go to Kate’s
family. You can purchase these darling cards under the “Kate McRae” category on our website.


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