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9 Years.

9 years and our marriage is stronger than ever!

This week Reggie and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. I cannot believe how lucky I got in the husband department. Reggie is truly an amazing man. He is a wonderful husband and father and his friendship means the world to me. I do not mean to boast and brag but I am really in love with him and I value what he brings to our family more than I could ever express into words. I married a man of character, and a man who never fails to be there for our family. My husband is my best friend and we share everything with each other. The closeness that we have is something that I treasure every single day.

Since I like to share a photo with all my post I have added some images from my cell phone that I took on the evening of our anniversary. We took our girls with us to celebrate at La Fondue. Even though we had both of my parents offer to babysit for us we really wanted to have our sweet daughters there with us!

I am thankful to the Lord each day for the gift that God gave us, for our marriage,  for our frienship and for our family.

Reg, you still give me butterflies and I would choose you over and over again, it would be you every time!
I cannot wait until our 10 year when we renew our vows in Pismo with our family & friends!!


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