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Love God | by Kinley

This morning I found this piece of paper on the kitchen counter that Kinley had written. Words truly escape me as I try to express how I feel about this sweet little girl that God has blessed my life with. Kinley is an amazing little soul. Although she comes across as quiet and shy to most she is actually quit complex in so many ways. Kinley has wisdom beyond her years. She is able to express herself and her feelings in writing and to those that she feels close to.

Kinley is passionate about her relationship with Jesus and she very much wants to please him. Kinley’s love for God is her choice and to believe in him and to have faith is completely up to her. Although our children are raised in a Christian home I always want them to be able to make their own choices and I want their love for God to be real. It warms my heart to read her writings. She loves to write and has several journals. Many of her entries are about God but many are just imaginary stories that she makes up. I asked Kinley if she copied this from something and she said “No Mommy, I wrote it”.

Kinley loves to write and she has been asking me to get her a vintage typewriter. I keep telling her that she should use her Apple computer that she got for Christmas but she is not interested, she really wants an old fashioned typewriter. Her daddy and I are so very fascinated by her and we are so  proud to have her as our daughter!

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