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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope that everyone is having a fabulous Valentine’s Day!

To be honest I am not a very  romantic person. I told Reggie not to waste any money on flowers or a sappy card. I’m not sure why, but Valentine’s day has never meant much to me and I have never been very romantic… or at least not in the Hallmark sense. I love my husband and I love the everyday things that he does to give me butterflies, but cards and flowers on a silly day is just not me. This is not to say that we do not enjoy romantic moments but the ones that I love are the times that it comes naturally and it is not forced or faked.

Instead of flowers and a sappy card I got a very funny and inappropriate card (which I loved), a lens kit for my iPhone and tickets for a date with my Dad to go see Jimmy Buffet in concert. My husband rocks and he makes me incredibly happy!

On Valentine’s Day we like to spoil our girls. They woke up this morning to a few sweet gifts and chocolate. For breakfast their Daddy got them pink donuts and vanilla steamers. For lunch I brought them Erik’s Deli to school and I attended their classroom parties. Tonight we had Grandma over for dinner and we made yummy chocolate fondue!

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