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It’s a Good Life!

The  collage shown below pretty much sums up how I have been feeling. I am loving life, my husband and my family. I feel blessed everyday for all of the wonderful things and people that I am surrounded by.

Reggie is truly one of my life’s greatest gifts and he brings me so much happiness. I was inspired to create this quote collage in honor of our love for one another. BARF, I know… how totally sappy!! Like I said on my Valentine’s day post I am not one to feel forced into doing something for a Hallmark holiday, but when my heart feels it I like to let my love flow. Today I am feeling it, my husband makes me sappy sometimes…;)

It’s a Good, Good Life!!

Quotes {Left to Right} Wordwillow, Winnie the Poo, Honeysucklear, Grace Hester Designs, You & Me, Vinyl Crafts, I Love Us, Vinyl Crafts, I Never Knew Love.., I Love You Friend, It really is a good life, Love You More, I love being yours, You give me butterflies, You are my Sunshine
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