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A Month in Photos | May 2012

May has been a super crazy month with constant activities, projects, events and more!
May felt overwhelming and we had far too many commitments!!

1. We built Kinley’s Ice Cream Shop
2.  Lots of T-ball and softball games
3. Hadley was a bumble bee in her school play.
4. More T-ball
5. a sleepover at Grandmas
6. Hadley’s 7th Birthday

On top of our very busy schedule in May we did some remodeling and we moved some rooms around. We had to pack everything up like we were moving and it was stored all around our house…. Errrrrr!! Here is a peak at what an absolute wreck our house was, this made me crazy and I am so happy that it is all put back together now!!

The remodel consisted of Kinley and Hadley getting their own bedrooms and daddy got a new office. We put in new carpet and we painted. As soon as  I take photos of their rooms I will post them.

We are all loving the girls new rooms and Daddy loves his new office!

(check out my laundry room on the bottom corner, isn’t that awesome)



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