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Today Kinley had to have two teeth pulled. My sweet girl was so brave and she handled it much better than I did. She was adamant that she did not want to be put to sleep for the procedure so she got up the courage to do it awake with the nitrate gas. She was so clam and we only saw a few tears which she was fighting to not let out.

After it was all said and done my girl got spoiled. She got to pick where she wanted to go to lunch, so Betty Burgers it was. She ordered her favorite milkshake, cake batter and drank it all. I bought her some Jello pudding cups which are a real treat in our house because I never buy that crap. After dinner she got to go to Baskin Robin’s and she ordered her favorite ice cream flavor, birthday cake! Tonight the tooth fairy will come and I hear that he/she pays twice as much for pulled teeth, YAY!

My poor girl has a long road of dental work ahead of her and we should have one very rich orthodontist by the time we are done! I completely blame my husband for this, sadly she inherited his jacked up teeth. ha! Love you Reg but it’s all your fault!  🙁
Thankfully Kinley can see how great her daddy’s teeth look now after many years of childhood dental work.

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