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A Visit to American Girl

Day two of our family vacation:

Today is my hubby’s birthday, happy birthday Reggie, I love you!

We celebrated Reggie’s pre-birthday last night at the Ritz and today he earned daddy of the year by celebrating his birthday at the American Girl Store in Los Angeles. He is such an amazing daddy and he was a great sport about spoiling our girls on his birthday!

Kinley and Hadley had so much fun today. They both took rolling bags filled with American Girls to the store, totally normal, right?

The two story store had a doll hair salon, hospital, cafe and more. Kinley and Hadley got their dolls hair done at the hair salon, had their dolls ears pierced and we dined at the American Girl Cafe with their dolls. They both told us that it was more fun than Disneyland so I guess it was a hit!

Tonight we are in San Diego and we had a very nice dinner by the bay for Reggie’s birthday and we watched fireworks from our hotel room balcony. It was a great day!













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