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Date Night

Awe…I love date nights, and they are even better when you get to go with friends and just cut loose and be silly! Last night we went out to dinner at Kianti’s and then we headed over to Kuumbwa Jazz to see Terrance Blanchard. We joined Kummbwa last January after Reggie feel in love with the little local jazz venue.

Last night we went with our good friends Rebekah and Jason and we also took my sister and her husband. During the show a man sitting next to us was eating chilli and when he was alsmost finished he kept clanking his spoon very loudly on the bottom of the bowl. For some reason I found this to be exteremly funny and I could not control my laughter, it was one of those moments when you know that you need to be quiet and you cannot stop laughing. Reggie kept squeezing my arm, which only made me laugh more and my sister was egging me on. The harder I tried not to laugh the worse it got, I just could not get control of it. Finally, I was able to distract my mind but I have to say that I love laughter, it is a part of my daily life so I have no regrets!

My mind…”don’t think about the man banging his spoon on the bottom of his chili bowl very loudly at the concert, take a deep breath, don’t look at my sister, focus and do not have another sip of that champagne!”

I LOVE MY BFF and all of our belly laughing good times!

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