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Peaches & Pumpkin

Two weeks ago our kitty named Merida gave birth to three sweet baby kittens. Sadly, one of the kittens only lived for 48 hours. He was a little black kitty and when he was born he was gasping for air. After 20 minutes of following directions from the vet I git him breathing on his own. The first night he slept on a heating pad next to my bed.  My husband and I had to get up every hour to feed him with a syringe. It was so sweet to see Reggie with this little kitty. He got up throughout the night to take care of him. The next morning he had made much improvement and we thought that he was going to make it but sadly, we lost him a day later. Our whole family was so sad that our kitten passed away. Reggie and our  girls made a sweet little box for him and we buried him under our apple tree and said a little prayer.

Please meet our two sweet kittes that are healthy and strong. These little guys are total chubs, they are my little butterballs and I am so in love with them!!

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