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Living the Beatitudes

This was written by my God Daughter Justine Linneman who is 11 years old. She is a straight A honor roll student and I am so very proud of her. If only more people in our world could have this attitude I feel that it would be a better place. I am going to take note of this and make an effort to have the Beatitude in my life!

Living the Beatitude
Written By: Justine Linneman

My family and I chose the Beatitude that tells us to do what is right even when we are teased or insulted. “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” We believe we will be with God forever. We chose this Beatitude, because we felt that it would best fit our family. We always try to remember to be kind when others treat us badly. It was nice to remember that God can help us in these situations too. I am going to talk about a few situations where I remembered this Beatitude this week. On Tuesday I was at soccer and another girl on my team was not being very nice to me because we play the same position during games. When I would go in she would have to come out, and she didn’t like this. I decided that even though she was frustrated I was going to be nice. I realized that she wasn’t mad at me, she was mad that she wasn’t playing. Living this Beatitude gave me the patience to handle this situation. On Wednesday my sister was really mean to me when she wouldn’t share her water. I wanted a sip and she told me, “No, go get your own”. My feelings were hurt, but I wasn’t mean back. I felt insulted that she wouldn’t share, but I didn’t say anything rude back to her. Looking back on this week there were many times that people said mean things or rude words to me. Instead of reacting right away I tried to pay attention to their feelings too. This helped me to be more understanding and not so angry towards them. I always tried to do what was right. I enjoyed living this Beatitude this week. It makes it easier to forgive the people who can be frustrating. I learned that when you are nice to someone who is being mean they are usually nice back. I will continue to live this Beatitude in my life.

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