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Courageous Parenting

I received my daily email this morning from “Family Life”. This email struck me because I feel that there are too many parents out there that do not set the Christian standards when parenting their children. They call themselves Christians but when it comes to parenting they tend to take the easy way, the lazy way of parenting. Whether you are Christian or not the bar should be set high when it comes to parenting. Why is it that so many parents do not step up, instead they allow their children to be in situations that will only lead to major trouble. Now I will openly admit that I am at the other end of the spectrum, I am an extremely over protective parent but I would rather be over protective in this day and age where young children are having sex and doing drugs then allow my children to be in compromising situations. As a mother of two girls I cannot stand the thought of teenage boys putting their hands on my daughters. I want to raise them to say”NO”! I plan on giving both of my daughter’s virgin rings when they enter jr. high as a symbol of their promise to God to remain pure. I realize that there are no guarantees when it comes to parenting but  I will raise my children by God’s word and pray that they follow this path for their lives. I feel that the best gift that I can give my children is loving christian boundaries, expectations, and rules.

Wait for the LORD; be strong and let your heart take courage.
Psalm 27:14 NASB

One of my favorite conversation starters when I’m eating with other men or with a group of couples is “What is the single most courageous thing that you have ever done in your lifetime?”

When most people think of courage, they think of heroic deeds–like those done on battlefields distant in time and geography. But I think we need massive doses of courage if we are going to raise families according to the Scriptures.

Courage is demanded of parents who desire to do the following:

  • Establish godly standards and boundaries for how their sons and daughters are to relate to the opposite sex
  • Impart God’s perspective of sexual identity for men and women in contrast to a culture that is promoting perverted distortions of what God created
  • “Intrude” into the lives of their children when they sense something isn’t right
  • Avoid conforming to the values of other Christian parents in terms of curfews, acceptable dress, movies, language, Internet use, etc.

Parental courage is needed if we want to raise a generation of young people who know how to withstand sexual temptation. It takes a battlefield mentality if we are going to give our children the kinds of standards they need to maintain sexual purity.

It takes courage to look your sons in the eye when they’re 13, 18 or 24 and ask them if they’ve been looking at pornography on the Internet. But your sons need you to ask them. And, Dad, you need to be able to ask them with your own conscience clean. It takes courage to talk to your sons straight about keeping their hands off the girls. And it takes courage to meet with a young man who wants to take one of your daughters out for the evening–asking him to keep his hands and lips off your daughter!

The easiest thing to do is nothing. But that’s how battles are lost.

What is the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?

Ask God for the courage you need to stand strong in the battle for the souls of your children.

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