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Freaks on a Leash

Tonight I decided that I would take my dogs Lacey & Tanner for a walk on the beach since it was a beautiful night and I needed a little stress relief. From the moment that we stepped out the door the utter crazyness began. Tanner decide to bolt out of his leash and run across the street causing two cars and a motorcycle to come to a screeching halt.  After the crazy mayhem that he caused I finally got him back on his leash with the help of a lady on a bike who was more concerned that I was going to beat my dog then she was was helping me collect him. We took a moment to get oursewlves together and then we proceed on our walk only to have him escape again a minute later. Apparently I was ill prepared for a walk with these dogs. 

To get down to the beach we must first walk through a beautiful resort and down a long path. There were many people enjoying the evening as I passed through the resort being drug down the path by two dogs that had decided to take me for a walk. As we approached the beach there was party set-up in the sand going on in full swing with live Caribbean music, cocktails, a bonfire and dining tables. My dogs decided that we would make our grand entrance by wrapping me in their leashes and running as fast as they could toward the festivities with my hound dog howling at the top of his lungs. Oh yes, we were quit the scene as all of the party-goers attention was quickly turned to us. I managed to give a fake smile and laugh at myself along with everyone else. The rest of our walk continued down this path as my dogs acted like total freaks all over the beach by annoying everyone and anyone in sight. I was hoping that by the time we were ready to go home that they would have tired themselves out and that we could have had a peaceful walk home but there was no such luck for that. As we passed by the party again on the way home I was stopped by a few people who wanted to comment on my dog walk gone mad. By the time I got home I felt as if my arms and lower back had been run over. The next time that I want to walk along the beach at sunset for some stress relief I will be doing it ALONE!

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