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Time to Get Moving!

I am long overdue for starting some type of exercise program. I always seem to have some excuse not to get myself in motion.  For the past few years my daily exercise has consisted of chasing after little people, lifting strollers in and out of the car, exhausting trips to the grocery store which is an exercise all in its self when you have two kids with you. Unfortunately for me this has not been enough to shed my souvenir weight that I received from my pregnancies. I have been pretty fortunate most of my life, I have never really struggled with weight issues and I tend to eat what I want and exercise when I am in the mood which is not very often. I think the fact that I can still squeeze into my pre-pregnancy clothes has contributed to my sheer laziness to get out and exercise. I also blame my current weight on my love for chocolate, red wine and my comfort food, grilled cheese and french fries. 

 The other night we had a friend over who was talking to me about Team in Taining and I was instantly interested in what she had to say because I have been wanting to do something like that for a long time. After she left I had my typically thoughts about how I could never do marathon or even a half marathon, heck I cannot even run a mile right now without becoming winded. But then my thoughts turned to the great things that the program offers….  

  • Personalized fitness training by certified coaches for a period of four to five months
  • Training clinics
  • Your own personal Web site for online fundraising
  • A supportive group of teammates
  • Wow, I thought, maybe I can do this but where would I find the time? I am a very busy person with little kid’s and my plate is already pretty full. Yesterday my hubby and I took our girls for a walk to the park. During our walk I again could not stop thinking about Team in Training. Upon arriving home I went to check the mail and inside my mailbox I found a postcard for Team in Training. I took this as more than a mere coincidence, I knew that this was sign from God that I needed to do this. I was excited to register and I am even more excited that my husband wants to do it with me.  So we both decided to sign-up for the Team in Training half marathon in Santa Barbara this coming November.  I will post more about this on my blog later along with my Team in training personal website. For now I need to start my first day of training!

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