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Team in Training Take 2

Yesterday was my first day as a run mentor for the Team in Training Summer Marathon Team. I am super excited to be back with TNT for another season. This will be my first time as a mentor and I am really looking forward to that. Unfortunately, I am not starting out the season exactly as I had hoped. I have been working diligently for months now on building my core strength so that I can be a stronger runner than I was during the fall season. I have been doing a ton of circuit training, spinning and running but as I tend to do I totally over did it and ended up injuring myself. Currently I have a pulled hamstring which I should have been resting but again rest is a difficult thing for me so I have only further injured it. So here I sit typing on my blog as my bum sits on an ice pack, fun times! This week I plan to take it easy with my workouts as to give my hamstring a chance to heal. I plan to do a little bit of swimming and some walks along the beach, hopefully I will be ready to run by Saturday.

My goal for this season is to run the San Francisco Women’s Nike Marathon. The Nike Marathon is a very popular event and the only way to assure a spot is to get in though their lottery or by joining TNT. I entered the Nike lottery but unfortunately I was not selected. I have to admit that the only reason that I want to do this marathon is because you get a Tiffany necklace in replace of a medal, I want my necklace! Just kidding, okay, I am not really kidding I want the Tiffany necklace.

This week also marks my last week of freedom before the kid’s get out of school. That is another great reason to do TNT, I get my ME time which I really need. Don’t get me wrong I love my girls more than anything in the world but the few hours that they go to school are very valuable time for me to do what I want to. The summer brings on it’s own fun and challenges and you will be able to read all about that here on this ever so entertaining blog, jk.. I know it is pretty boring but I never promised that I was a good writer or that I would be able to hold your attention for more than two sentences. If you are still reading this I am sure that I have surely bored you to tears.

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