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Running with Dolphins

This morning as I was running on the beach I noticed that there was a pod of about 6-8 dolphins swimming extremely close to shore, right at the second wave the breaks closest to shore. It was truly a breath taking site as I watch these beautiful creates rise and fall from the water. I manged to run along side of them for about mile until my run ended. I cannot express enough how beautiful this was to see first thing in the morning. I immediately prayed to God to thank him for this blessing that came upon my day. God is Amazing and I am in awe of his creations!

The other morning on my run I came across a family of racoon’s. They were so adorable. There was a mommy raccoon and two baby racoon’s that were just standing together. I was amazed that they did not startle. I got to watch them for a few good minutes as they picked some leaves and looked around. I am a total animal lover and seeing animals in nature is a blessing to me.

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August 1, 2008 - 5:01 pm

Sarah - oh wow that is amazing!

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