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a Weekend at the River

Well folks summer seems to be just flying by. I cannot believe that we are already into July. I am very much enjoying spending time with my family. Two weeks ago we got away for the weekend and went to stay at my Dad’s weekend house on the river. This was a much needed escape and everyone enjoined it whole heatedly! The girls played in the river with their cousins non-stop for hours. It was wonderful to see them all playing on the paddle boats and canoes together. The adults took seat in the river itself on our lawn chairs. There is just something so relaxing about sitting in a chair that is perched in a beautiful river with your feet soaking in the water…. ahhhh, it was so great!

In the evenings my wonderful Pop, A.K.A Bompa or Dad would cook up an amazing dinner for everyone and we would ring in the darkness with roasting some yummy S’mores.

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