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Party Time!

I have been a little slow out the gates on planning Kinley’s birthday party. I guess for many people I am not really all that slow but I tend to start my party planning months ahead of time.

Kinley’s party will be very different than Hadley’s Candy Party. Hadley loves a big production and for her the more activities and people the better. Kinley likes to keep her parties much more simple and intimate. In the past I have tried having large parties for Kinley and she ends up hiding in a corner as it is just too overwhelming for her.

Kinley’s party will be planned around her own unique little personality. Her chosen theme this year is a garden fairy party. She has picked out her special fairy dress and we are busy making our plans.

This weekend we will be creating a few Woodland Toadstools as seen on the Martha Stewart Website. Granted my toadstool’s will not be as nice as Martha’s. We will be using five gallon buckets instead of a tree stump unless anyone out there has a few extra tree stumps laying around, come’on I know ya’ll do!

Today I finally completed Kinley’s fairy photo invitations, she seems thrilled with them so that is all that matters to me!

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