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Summer seems to be just flying by and so does my time. I have been terrible about updating my blog lately but summertime is always like that for me. I truly need to invest into having a personal assistant so I can keep up with all of my never ending tasks and to do lists.

A few little updates:

  • I ran the Wharf to Wharf with my sister two weeks ago. We really had a great time and I was happy to complete it in an hour. I am still training with TNT and I am mentoring the Summer Marathon Team. My next official event that I know of will be the San Francisco Women’s Nike Marathon in October. I am super excited to run this race and plan to do a few smaller races with my sister before that.

  • Kinley turned six on July 25th and we enjoyed the day at the beach with family and the had her garden fairy party a week later.
  • We took the girls to the zoo for the first time and that was a very interesting trip to say the least. The zoo was run down, it was hot and the animals were hiding and hard to see. As we were leaving which was my favorite part of the day we had discovered that I had left my keys in the car. The battery was dead and we had to call for a tow truck, oh joy!
  • My sister and I took the kiddos Strawberry picking at Gizdich Ranch. See photos below.

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