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Happy Father’s Day 2012

Happy Father’s Day to my amazing husband!

I feel so blessed to be married to a family man like Reggie. When we met over twelve years ago the first thing that attracted me to him was our instant chemistry and the second thing was his character.

When we started dating Reggie had just moved to California. He had been born and raised in Texas but his young son was living in CA. Without knowing anyone he packed up his red Jeep Cherokee and left behind the only life that he knew so that he could be close to his son and participate in raising him. He said goodbye to Texas and to all of his friends and family. He put being a dad as a top priority and left everything else behind.

WOW, what an amazing person, man and father, I was totally in awe of him.

It was never a goal of mine to marry a man that already had a child but when I saw how amazing he was I knew that I could not walk away. The love that he had for his son was ever so apparrent from our very first date and I knew that he was just the type of person that I would want to be married to.

I cannot say enough about how lucky all three of our children are to have him as their dad. He ALWAYS puts his children first and the love that he has for them just spills out into his daily life. I love that when he walks through the door that our girls start yelling “Daddy’s Home” and they run to greet him. I love that he plays with his children and that he has a special and unique bond with each of them. I love that he works in their classrooms, coaches their sports teams, goes to their games, attends school events, cuddles them, consoles them and teaches them right from wrong. I love his morals and values and I feel blessed that he works hard to instill them in our children. He is the type of dad that will get up with them in the middle of the night, he chases spiders off of their walls and holds them when they have bad dreams. He is the type of dad that knows their favorite stuffed animals names and he will search high and low if one of them gets lost.

I think what sums up this entire post is this, if someone were to ask me what is the best quality in your husband I would have to say without hesitation that he is an amazing Dad! He would do anything in the world for his kid’s and I have been a witness to that for many years now. I thank God every day for blessing our children with such a fabulous father!

Happy Father’s Day Baby!! ♥

We celebrated Father’s Day with a nice lunch and a day at the pool.

Not the best photo but at least I captured them all together.

Playing soccer with Hadley on Father’s Day.

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The Calm after the Storm

Whew, we made it!!
The past few weeks have been crazy busy and a little bit stressful. This was the first weekend in a long time that I was able to relax with my family! We have had so much going on and not any down time. This weekend brought some much needed peace and relaxation and I am so grateful for that. We spent some time at the beach and the harbor, took a walk, enjoyed some yummy food and drinks, soaked up the beautiful weather, went to a birthday party and I even took two naps!!

(and I found some time to catch up on my blog)

I am so happy that school is out and I am looking forward to the summertime with my family. I love having my girls home with me and being able to create lots of fun memories. In August we bought a travel trailer so we plan on taking lots of little trips with it this summer. In August Reggie and I will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary so we are planning to renew our vows at the Dolphin Inn Resort & Spa in Pismo Beach. ♥
The planning of our vow renewal can finally begin, I cannot wait and our girls are super excited too!

Check out this awesome pool with a waterside that is located at Camp Campbell in Boulder Creek, CA. The pool is brand new and it just opened up about a month ago. As of right now it is not open to the public but it can be reserved for events. After spending the day at this fabulous place we decided to rent it for Kinley’s summer birthday.

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Last Day of School 2012

Time…. Seriously, where does it go? I cannot believe that we have already completed yet another school year. It really seems so unreal to me! My little girls are growing up way too fast .

We truly had an amazing year at a wonderful school and we were blessed with some very special teachers!
The end of each school year is always bittersweet and I tend to have a hard time with closure and goodbyes.
I wish that the years could slow down a little bit.

*Kisses* for Daddy!

Kinley and her 2nd grade teacher

Hadley and her 1st grade teacher

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A Month in Photos | May 2012

May has been a super crazy month with constant activities, projects, events and more!
May felt overwhelming and we had far too many commitments!!

1. We built Kinley’s Ice Cream Shop
2.  Lots of T-ball and softball games
3. Hadley was a bumble bee in her school play.
4. More T-ball
5. a sleepover at Grandmas
6. Hadley’s 7th Birthday

On top of our very busy schedule in May we did some remodeling and we moved some rooms around. We had to pack everything up like we were moving and it was stored all around our house…. Errrrrr!! Here is a peak at what an absolute wreck our house was, this made me crazy and I am so happy that it is all put back together now!!

The remodel consisted of Kinley and Hadley getting their own bedrooms and daddy got a new office. We put in new carpet and we painted. As soon as  I take photos of their rooms I will post them.

We are all loving the girls new rooms and Daddy loves his new office!

(check out my laundry room on the bottom corner, isn’t that awesome)



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Happy 7th Birthday Haldley

My baby girl just turned SEVEN!!!

Oh my goodness where does the time go? I cannot believe that my youngest is 7!
We celebrated Hadley’s birthday with an atomic bowling party. I wish that I would have gotten better photos but that party was so busy that I did not really capture anything special, BOO!!

Hadley is so full of life and I feel so blessed to be her mommy. My sweet girl truly has the biggest heart and she loves everyone around her!

Happy Birthday Haddie!!

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