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It’s official

I am going to Seattle to run a marathon. Originally I had signed up to run the half marathon in Santa Barbara but after much persuading from my fellow coaches and teammates I have decide to go for the FULL MARATHON in Seattle. Yes, that’s right…. I will be running 26.2 miles. I cannot believe that I have agreed to this, I feel sick to my stomach!

I have a lot of mixed emotions about running 26.2 miles. It is truly hard to even put into words the utter fear that I feel.  Today my biggest worry is my ankle. On Saturday I ran 8 miles and ever since I have had pain a swelling in my right ankle.  Nothing unusual happened on my run, I did not twist or roll my foot so the injury is a mystery. Right now I need to focus on healing so that I can resume my training as soon as possible!

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September 4, 2008 - 4:38 am

Christy - Okay—u r amazing! I really need to get in shape! I could not even run around the block! Good for u! U look amazing BTW.

Kid Quote of the Day

Whenever Hadley gets into trouble or does something that she should not be doing she looks at me with her big puppy dog eyes and says in a very little voice…

“I am just a little girl”

She creacks me up! She really knows how to work it.

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First Day of Preschool

Yesterday the girls started preschool. I can hardly believe that my last baby is now a preschooler. The girls were so excited in the morning as we were getting ready for their first day of school. When we arrived Kinley & Hadley held hands as we walk in. Since this is Kinley’s 3rd year of school she was very comfortable. Hadley’s eyes were huge, she looked like a little deer that had been caught in the headlights. She wandered around not sure what to think. I could tell that she was thinking about crying but she was able to hold back the tears. When I told her that it was time for mommy & daddy to go she said “but mommy I am going to miss you”. I told her that I would miss her too and that mommy always comes back. She then walk over to the waving window and gave us a happy wave goodbye.

After dropping them off I headed over to Starbucks to meet a group of my friends. It felt so foreign to me to have no kid’s. It took about an hour for my new found freedom to sink in and once it did I felt very excited about it. Yesterday I enjoyed my time by hanging out with my friends and getting my toes painted!

When I picked up Kinley & Hadley I was so excited to see them and to hear about how their days went. They both loved school and cannot wait to go back! Hadley gave her teacher a  big hug goodbye and has not stopped talking about her.  My baby’s are growing up way too fast!

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Doggy Makeover

Does your dog need a glamour makeover? I just could not resist posting about this and letting you know about this amazing doggy stylist. A friend of mine was dog sitting a friends Golden Labradoodle over the weekend and decide to give this pooch a surprise makeover.  I would have loved to seen the proud owners faces as they arrived to pick-up their beloved dog. The funniest part of this makeover is…It will not wash out. So next time you need to line up a dog-sitter I’ve got the perfect person for you to call. This Hollywood makeover will not come cheap my friends so get your checkbooks ready!

Here is Harley with the new doo

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I’ve Learned

“I’ve learned that you can keep going long after you think you can’t”

Last night I had my track work out with Team in Training and for some reason this quote kept repeating in my head,  “You can keep going long after you think you can’t”. Last night was a painful work out for me. It was extremely hard and tiring. I had spent that day taking my girls to their preschool orientation and then we went swimming with some friends. After a busy day filled with lots of hot weather I was feeling pretty tired by the time that I arrived to the track. My knees were still feeling sore from my hill training and to top that off I tripped doing one of the drills and twisted my ankle, I am such a klutz!

I really had to push myself to new level to keep going last night. My body wanted to collapse as I was instructed to run the track at 85%. As a major side cramp came on I just told my mind to ignore the pain and do it anyway. I believe that the body can do anything that the mind tells it to. If your mind believes that you can do something the body will follow. Well, I am not sure that my mind was all that convinced but I felt that pain and did it anyway. Today I am icing my legs, lots of ice!! Tomorrow I have an 8 mile run so I am hoping to get much needed rest today!!

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My 6 Mile Run at Nisene Marks

I did it!!!

I am so excited that I completed my 6 mile run. I have had so much anxiety about my runs because I am not in shape like I used to be many years ago. The night before I actually had nightmares about my run and in the morning I could hardly stomach to eat anything because of me nerves. Being a part of a team adds a felling of pressure to me that I never felt when I ran solo. When I run alone I am not all that worried about my time, distance OR endurance but when I am with a team I feel much added pressure to do my very best!

My amazing coach Ed seems to think that I should go for the full marathon this season. He believes in me and claims that I will be fully trained to do a full marathon 26.2 miles by mid October. I think he is nuts!! How the hell am I going to be ready to run a full marathon by then. I never even considered running a full marathon so soon. My plan was to take baby steps by doing a half marathon this season and then perhaps a full next season. What do you think? I have so many people pushing me to do a full marathon but I do not think that I can do it. My options are to either do the Seattle Full Marathon  at the end of November or the Honolulu Marathon in December. The pressure is on as I have to make this decision very soon. My fundraising goal will also increase by about $1,000 if I choose to go for the full marathon.

This week I learned that…

  • I need to think positive thoughts & stop the constant self doubt!! I need to let go of my fear of failure.
  • Salt shots work great for my dizziness!!
  • Slowing down a little bit during the last mile and then bringing it home at the last 1/2 mile worked really well.
  •  LOVE running in a skirt!! It feel so much much better than my shorts!
  • I got used to my running belt very quickly and loved it.
  • I can do anything through God
  • Prayer carries me when I feel like quitting!

On this run I was inspired by many of the great mentors and coaches out there. A big HUGE thank you goes to this amazing group of people!!

I will run for all the honorees and in memory of my friends and family that have lost their lives to cancer.

Just finished my 6 mile run.


Track Night… The coahes kick my butt ever time!! Ouch!

Racing to Save Lives

Please Click HERE to support my race and to save lives.

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