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Growing Gardens and Growing Children

by Barbara Rainey

Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.
Galatians 6:9

I love the way a garden looks when it’s clean and neat, when all the soil is evened out and the weeds are pulled up. But I know too well that the hard work of a Saturday morning will be repeated again and again, all season long. It never takes more than a week or two of neglect before weeds are sprouting all over the place.

Parenting is a lot like that. Just when you think you’ve finally mastered one area, you wake up the next day and a whole new issue is facing you. It’s so easy to forget that parenting is a process. A long, long process.

You go to bed at night sometimes relishing those little victories, thinking all is secure and right with the world. But it’s not very long before something else crops up. Infant issues morph into young-toddler issues. Toddler issues become school-age issues–the unmade bed, the homework, not coming to the table when we call. Then it’s on to adolescent issues–the emotional turbulence, the anger, the words they hear and pick up at school (and at church!).

Remember that building character is the most important goal in parenting. Imprinting a child’s heart with the image of God takes time and repeated effort, often reworking the same ground repeatedly to keep bad behaviors from becoming habits.

So I encourage you today not to give up. Don’t lose heart. The Bible promises great reward to those who faithfully persevere through the long days, the long battles that often don’t even stop for bedtime. I assure you, all that weeding will pay off.

Name the biggest issues you’re dealing with in the lives of your children. Or name one issue that is just around the corner.

Thank Him for the wisdom, energy and ability He provides to get through each day, knowing that His supply is sufficient and His promises are sure. Pray for one another in this long process of child rearing.

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Running with Dolphins

This morning as I was running on the beach I noticed that there was a pod of about 6-8 dolphins swimming extremely close to shore, right at the second wave the breaks closest to shore. It was truly a breath taking site as I watch these beautiful creates rise and fall from the water. I manged to run along side of them for about mile until my run ended. I cannot express enough how beautiful this was to see first thing in the morning. I immediately prayed to God to thank him for this blessing that came upon my day. God is Amazing and I am in awe of his creations!

The other morning on my run I came across a family of racoon’s. They were so adorable. There was a mommy raccoon and two baby racoon’s that were just standing together. I was amazed that they did not startle. I got to watch them for a few good minutes as they picked some leaves and looked around. I am a total animal lover and seeing animals in nature is a blessing to me.

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August 1, 2008 - 5:01 pm

Sarah - oh wow that is amazing!

Family Beach Day

Yesterday our family went to the beach or yet another little celebration of Kinley’s birthday. It was the perfect day, the sun was shinning and I was with my awesome family who I love spending  time with. We relaxed on the beach with Bompa & Grammy and the rest of our extended family. I wish that I had a funny story to share to jazz up this post but I am too exhausted to even try. It was a great weekend and now I need to sleep!



Bubba made the girls tissue paper hats at lunch…


Bompa is the BEST!!


Baby it’s HOT outside!


Playing in the Sand & Water

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July 30, 2008 - 3:47 am

Christy - Happy 5th B-Day Kinley! Wow! Me too cannot believe all the kiddos are turning 5! I know have to shop for Jettson in the Boys section—& he is now picking out his clothes and lets me know what is cool and what is not! Huh? How did this happen already. Jett will be 5 in November & will go to Kindergarten Fall of ’09. It has gone by way too fast! Kinley is a doll! You have adorable little girls Aimee!


I just read my previous post from last night “Kinley’s Birthday” I could not help but laugh at myself and all of my typos. I was having a pretty good time before I posted and drank a little too much wine. I actually spelled batman as two words, Bat Man.  For those of you who read my post before I corrected it I hope that you at least had a few good laughs. I will try not to post when I am tipsy again.  I should have realized that when my mom and my daughters were laughing hysterically at me belting out a few songs while I was doing the dishes that I was not in my right mind to be blogging to the world. =)

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Kinley’s Birthday

Kinley had  a great day today celebrating her birthday.

We started the morning off by opening a few presents


We then headed to Build a Bear with Auntie, Nay Nay & Johnny for a little birthday fun!


First we stuffed our furry friends…


Next we gave them a bath


After their bath we got to name our new animals and dress them.

Hadley named her Cheetah Monkey and claimed that it was a Boy. She then dressed it like a girl. That’s my Haddie! Kinley named her kitty Heart and put her in a wedding dress. Nathan named his puppy Jack and put him in a Batman outfit.


We then went on a few rides and had lunch at the Elephant Bar.


When we got back home Kinley Bubba gave Kinley her very special present that she had been wanting, An Island Princess Barbie Dress, ohhh la la, Bubba is the best!!

Next came lots of presents from Grandma. The girls got adorable mermaid tail towels for Kinley’s Little Mermaid party.

It just would not be a birthday without a little mishap. I went into the kitchen to find Hadley with a chair pulled up to the kitchen counter because she wanted to see what Kinley’s princess cake looked like. Here is what happens when a three year old turns a cake upside down.

Kinley was a really good sport about her cake especially considering that she had already left her princesses that go on top of the cake at the store.

So this weekend we will all ride the birthday train because in our family birthday’s last a good three days or more. I will have more celebration posts later.

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July 26, 2008 - 2:41 pm

auntie - We had so much fun! We are so blessed to have you guys. I am just loving the cake! You go Haddy!

July 27, 2008 - 12:43 am

Sarah - Happy Birthday Kinley! And the cake looks great Haddy! 🙂