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Bit by the Baby Bug

Warring: Mom, if you are reading my blog skip this post….. Love You =-)
I have been bit by the BABY BUG!  What is it about the summer that makes me get that crazy maternal instinct to have another baby? I think I am totally nuts, I have surely lost it. I already have the perfect family and I am finally getting to a point where I actually get a tiny bit of “me” time. Still I get this crazed instinct every now and then that screams within my body telling me “Have another baby” they are so fun and cute and lovable and you know that you really want another one. Reggie and I always wanted a large family and I always wanted to have 3 little ones but after two very rough and trying pregnancies getting pregnant for a third time was just out of the question. It is funny how the farther you get away from those pregnant days that you start have a memory loss for how bad it really was. However my memory is not that bad because I do recall that both of my pregnancies were terrible. I vomited for 5 months straight day and night. I was in and out of the hospital constantly and went into pre-term labor often. I got terrible sinus infractions that could not be treated and I was miserably uncomfortable and had aches and pains everywhere. Whew…. I am so glad that I just went down memory lane, perhaps now I will come back to my senses or at least if I don’t I will come and read this post every night before bed.
Have any other mommies out there been bit by the baby bug?? Does it ever go away? Do you notice that you are more crazy about it at certain times of the month? My hubby better hide from me!!

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Summer 2008 Kickoff

Well it is official today is our first day of summer. Kinley’s last day of school was yesterday and today our summer vacation beings. I can hardly believe that my first baby girl has finished her second year of preschool. I think she missed my memo that she is not supposed to grow up this fast. She is turning into such a beautiful little person. She is so sweet and kind and has the best manners. I am so proud of her!!!

I am really loving my life right now and I am feeling really good about our recent move. Life just seems so much more simple here. Reggie and I were talking about this last night and we both feel more peaceful in our new home.
Although we will never be free from all of life’s stresses we are enjoying our life and our surroundings. Being able to walk to  the beach, the park and the pool has be a huge treat for us. It almost feels as if we are on vacation. I think that we need this time to just enjoy our family. Our goals for the summer are to have fun together, be involved in our church, grow spiritually, play a lot with our little girls, go on dates and take time for mommy to do girly things and have girls night out.

So today we kickoff the Pool family summer 2008. I am excited to live it. I love my life, my kiddos, my family & friends and my hubby too! Most of all I love my Lord and saviour for all of the blessings in my life.

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Happy Birthday Pink Taffy Designs

Pink Taffy Designs Children’s Boutique Celebrates its 5th Anniversary

 I am so excited my online Children’s Boutique Pink Taffy Designs is having it’s 5th bithday. In order to celebrate we just launced a brand new fresh look with fun and bright colors. We decided to revamp our look in an effort to appeal to both boys and girls. After 5 years with a pink and brown design my sister/business partner/best friend and I decided that it was time for a change. This design has been in the works for a very long time and we are thrilled to finally be live with it!

Pink Taffy Designs Children’s Boutique, the leading online boutique of unique baby gifts, nursery decor, diaper bags, baby gear, crib bedding and more!

Check out our adorable makeover at

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Proud Mommy

I am such a proud mommy of my two beautiful little girls!

Yesterday Hadley went pee pee on the potty for the first time.  Of course with Hadley being Hadley she never went the hundred or so times that I put her on the potty. She decided to go on her own while I was in the bathroom curling Kinley’s hair. None the less we are all super excited for her and we did the potty dance and ate m&m’s. =-)

Last night Kinley had her end of the year musical at school. She looked so beautiful and she was so excited. This year was extra specail because Kinley’s cousin Nathan was on stage singing too. I love that they go to school togther. The joy that I get watching her grow and be up on the stage just cannot be put into words. Kinley is as sweet as could be and she melts every ones heats with her kind and gentle nature. I am just so proud of who she is. I cannot believe that my first baby girl is going to be five this summer and that she has finished two years of preschool, where did the time go?

I need to make the post short and sweet as my house is in shambles and we have friends coming over for dinner soon…Got go het out the old broom!

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Hadley’s Roller Skating Party

Today was Hadley’s Roller Skating Party for her 3rd birthday.  Hadley was so excited and she had such a great time. My little tiny petite three year old has a personality that is larger than life. This girl knows what she wants, how she wants it done and when. I have never before seen a three year old dictate the order of their birthday party. I thought that I would get to do that at least for a few more years. Today I really saw what a little control freak I have on my hands, I cannot imagine where she gets that from  😉
 Hadley let me know when it was time to skate, eat, have cake and open presents. She did it all in a very sweet and cute way but I must say that I am a little worried about what a challenge she is going to be as she gets older.

I am so happy that she had such a great birthday weekend. I live for this stuff as a mom, it is just the best!!

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June 6, 2008 - 3:53 am

Krissie Brown - Ac, After reading this I could not help but comment. I love your mommy babble. It is so inspiring! Faith is the same way. I am so worried what I have on my hands in the future. My family and I have been talking about it and alls I can say is direct that to something she is really interested in. For Faith it is acting, singing and ballet. I am so worried she is going to be the terror I was! – but worse because she is SOOO strong!LOL! At least she is not a pushover. It does get embarresing sometimes. For instance when we are at the park or something and Faith is directing kids on what to do. I am not the type to sit back and watch, I tell her that is not right. XOXOXOXOX