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It’s been a while….

I have some I major blogging make-up work to do as I have not been blogging at all lately. This winter has been one of the longest winters of my life and I really thought that it would never end. I have to say that I am so happy to see the sunshine again. I realize that it is still only February but I have major Spring Fever!!!

For those of you who read my blog and know me know that the past few moths have been challenging for me but I have to say that the Lord really does answer prayers. What I have learned is that my prayers are not always answered in the ways that I would hope for but yet he still comes through by giving me the grace to accept things that I cannot change and the wisdom to choose happiness in spite of what I feel may be wrong with that picture.

When my husband and I made the decision to move back to Aptos last month I was just devastated and very depressed. I absolutely love living in Scotts Valley as this is where we have planned to raise our family and send our children to school. Scotts Valley is just home to me. We have made so many wonderful friends here and when I drive through Aptos is reminds me of my past but I do not want to go back there. Through much prayer I am accepting this move a little bit more each day. I know that it will only be a temporary thing and when we sell our home and buy again we will be back in Scotts Valley, hopefully that will be sooner verses later and hopefully it will not be any longer than a year!! I think the hardest part about moving for me was telling my girls. I recently remolded their bedroom and playroom making them the most adorable rooms ever and it just breaks my heart that we are now moving. I have sold them on the good things about the move like the swimming pool and the beach and park that are within walking distance, I know that we will ahve a blast this summer and Scotts Valley is only 20 minutes away!!!

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February 19, 2008 - 3:55 am

Christy - I know how hard it is to move but on the bright side you will be closer to Capitola Village & the Mall!

My Better Half


Life has been filled with a lot of challenges lately and I have just not had the energy to write in my blog. I have felt overwhlemed with life’s little road bumps but I find my strength in God and in my husband. On that note, I just want to  put a post up for my loving husband and friend. I do not tell him often enough what a blessing he is to me. It is much easier for me to focus on what I think is wrong with him than what I love about him!! Today I will turn my focus to the things that I love…..

Reggie is a total family man who strives to  love, support, honor and cherish me. He has an abundance amount of patience with me which is just priceless.  As we go through the trails of life together I cannot imagine having a more loyal and committed companion.  Reggie always makes sure to support me, praise me, encourage me, humor me, and challenge me when I need it most.  When he walks in the door at night he always has open arms for me and our children and a big smile. During the hard times it is easy to neglect the one that you love the most. I can be really difficult when life is feeling a bit overwhelming and I appreciate my husbands commitment to me and our family. I know I can be a real pain in the butt!

I Love You Reggie!


Lord Jesus,
grant that I and my spouse may have a true
and understanding love for each other.
Grant that we may both
be filled with faith and trust.
Give us the grace to live
with each other in peace and harmony.
May we always bear with one another’s weaknesses
and grow from each other’s strengths.
help us to forgive one another’s failings
and grant us patience, kindness, cheerfulness
and the spirit of placing the well-being
of one another ahead of self.May the love that brought us together
grow and mature with each passing year.
Bring us both ever closer to You
through our love for each other.
Let our love grow to perfection.Amen.
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Daily Prayer

The other night I was at Costco with my family and we were looking at the Children’s books as we always do. I used to love to read anything that was good for my soul but that was before I kid’s and I had time to do so. As I was standing there I saw this book that looked interesting to me. As I thumbed through the book the words just jumped off the pages at me as if God had set it in my hand just for me. The book is called “Conflict Free Living” by Joyce Meyer who is a  Bible teacher.  I decided that I had to buy this book and make a commitment to myself to actually read it. I am famous for buying books and having every intention to read them but never do. So-far I have been reading every night… I love the book and I love that it is all Christian based!! Today a read a prayer in the book that I want to try to pray daily so I am going to put it here on my blog as a reminder to self!

Dear heavenly Father, please give me the grace that I need to live in a stress-filled world. Help me to speak words that produce peace in my own mind and body and in the lives of others. Help me to never let the sun go down on my anger and to get the rest that my body needs. I surrender my thoughts, words, attitudes and health to You. Amen

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Arbonne Fundraising Benefit

Last night I hosted an Arbonne Fundraising Benefit for my amazing friend Adrianne and her mom Diane at my home.

In December of 2006 Adrianne was diagnosed with breast cancer while she was 7 months pregnant.  Doctors induced the birth of her son at 33 weeks into her pregnancy so she could begin chemotherapy right away. In April 2007, she received the devastating news that the cancer had spread to her lower brain and was terminal. At that time the doctors predicted that she had less then a year to live. Adrianne has two adorable children MacKenzie who is 2 years old and Ashton who is 1 years old.

Diane, Adrianne’s Mom is also fighting Breast Cancer. Diane is an amazing woman who cares for Adrianne and her grandchildren everyday. Diane was recently diagnosed with breast cancer again after being in remission.

The fundraiser went really well and I am so grateful for my friend Tamar from Arbonne who put on the even and I am thankful to all who came to show their love and support. I pray everyday that God would bless their lives with peace, healing, love and miracles. I remind myself daily that doctors can only make predictions but GOD creates miracles. I know that God will not give us pain without some how using it. Even when the concept seems so hard to grasp at times I have to go back to the word and to his promises!

If you would like to order Arbonne products please support my friend Tamar!! She can get you 35-80% off retail.
Consultant ID: 17040208

Adrianne’s Website:

Me & Adrianne
Adrianne & Diane

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My Little Sweetie!

I feel so helpless when my kid’s are sick. My 4 year old Kinley has had a high fever for the past two days. Yesterday she only made it off of the couch to go to the bathroom. The poor thing slept all day and her fever had reached 104 by the evening. I finally just put her in a luke warm bath and that really helped to bring her temperature down. I just hate it when my girls are sick. I just want to take away their misery. Kinley keeps asking me “mommy, when will I feel better” and all I can say is “soon sweetie”. 

It is 6:30 pm. right now and both of my girls have been asleep for 30 minutes now. I really do not know what to do with myself. My evening usually revolves around them. I looked at my husband and asked him “what should we do?”  I cannot believe that they are both already asleep. I think that I may just have to read the new book that I bought today or watch a movie that does not involve a bunch of little cartoons… But, sadly to say I will probably just sit and work at my computer all night. I have so much to do between my two business and the list never ends. However, I am drnking a nice glass of red wine so that will probably put a stop to my working for the evening. A movie is starting to sound much better!!


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January 18, 2008 - 6:26 pm

Sarah Lewis - Ahhh poor Kinley, Oh Amiee, it is so hard when they are sick!
Hope she is getting better.


30 Something

I have been pondering a lot about my 30′s and I have come to my conclusion that my 30′s have been the best era of my life thus far. In November of this year I turned 36. I thought that this would be a hard age since I am now closer to 40 than to thirty. The day came and went just like any other and I really did not feel depressed about it as I had anticipated. As I reflect back on my life I can think of great things but I really did not know who I was and what I wanted until I entered my 30′s. My 20′s were a time of absolute confusion. I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life or who I was. The strongest memory that I have of my 20′s is actually really depressing… The memory is this. I would wake up on a Saturday morning and I would think to myself “Is this it? Is this as good as life gets because I am pretty BOARD!!!” It was a sad thought and I really cannot tell you why felt that way other than I was lost. For me it took a major event in my life to change that feeling and to give me the freedom to figure out who I really was and what I really wanted. The interesting thing is that I learned about myself was that I had been trying to be someone that I thought that someone else wanted me to be and I was not being me at all. The ironic part of this situation is I lost that someone in the process but that ended up being the best things that ever happened to my life. Had that event not occurred I think that I would have lived the rest of my life never being free to be me and always wondering if life was truly that boring.


My 30′s have not been easy by any means. Life has brought many challenges but the greatest thing that I have is Jesus and knowing who I am and exactly what I want. I have also never once woke up in my 30′s and thought “is this as good as life will get”? I have also never felt board. I think learning who you are in one of the best gifts that we can give ourselves because it allows you to live your life with a purpose.


Now that I am a mom my life feels so directed and goal oriented. I think when you find yourself in the parent role and responsible for a little life that completely changes you. I know that this has changed me for the better and it makes me strive to be a better person everyday. Having children holds me accountable for the choices I make in my life and I love that! I have truly never found anything more enjoyable than being a mom. Parenting can also be one of the more frustrating things in life but the rewards far out way anything negative.


I think that 2008 is going to be a year of major changes and some difficult decisions but I am still loving my 30′s. I feel that I am in place where I really know myself and I can make good decisions based on what is best for my family. I am really trying to focus on Jesus and being happy in the moment regardless of what may be going on. I have realized in my 30′s that happiness comes from within andto be happy from within we have to be happy now, not six months from now and not when we get the house we want, the car we want etc. My goal for myself is to wake up each more with the best intentions for my day and to choose happiness because the alternative is so depressing!
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