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A Visit to American Girl

Day two of our family vacation:

Today is my hubby’s birthday, happy birthday Reggie, I love you!

We celebrated Reggie’s pre-birthday last night at the Ritz and today he earned daddy of the year by celebrating his birthday at the American Girl Store in Los Angeles. He is such an amazing daddy and he was a great sport about spoiling our girls on his birthday!

Kinley and Hadley had so much fun today. They both took rolling bags filled with American Girls to the store, totally normal, right?

The two story store had a doll hair salon, hospital, cafe and more. Kinley and Hadley got their dolls hair done at the hair salon, had their dolls ears pierced and we dined at the American Girl Cafe with their dolls. They both told us that it was more fun than Disneyland so I guess it was a hit!

Tonight we are in San Diego and we had a very nice dinner by the bay for Reggie’s birthday and we watched fireworks from our hotel room balcony. It was a great day!













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Family Vacation Day 1 | Marina Del Rey

Today is day one of our family vacation and so far we are having a fabulous time! We headed out at 5:00 a.m. this morning and we drove to Marina Del Rey. Reggie and I had so much fun on our little road trip, we laughed harder than we have in a long time, so hard actually that I spit my water all over the entire windshield… Whoops!

We are currently at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey, California and it is absolutely beautiful! Tomorrow morning we will be celebrating Reggie’s birthday by having brunch at the American Girl Store, what a good Daddy he is!

After our adventure at the American Girl Store we will be heading to San Diego for a week where we will celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary and renew our vows on the beach.






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American Idol Concert 2012

Kinley and Hadley love American Idol and we have a fun time watching it together as a family. This is the second year that we have taken them to the live tour concert. The girls were so excited to go, they even picked out some hot sparkly outfits!

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Kinley | 9 Years Old

Last week my first baby girl turned 9. I cannot believe that this will be her last year in single digits, the time is flying by way too fast! I absolutely love being Kinley’s mommy. She is such a beautiful little person on the inside and out. Kinley can be shy and quiet but she has a strong personality. She s is weet, kind, loving, artistic, she always tries her best and she never gives up, she loves the Lord and she loves her friends and family.

Kinley loves to read, play on her ipod, she loves her DS game, swimming, tennis, art, animals and she loves to write stories!

I put together a little collage of Kinley and her favorite things at nine years old.

Kinley and her feral cat Gypsy

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Camping Party

This weekend we will be celebrating Kinley’s 9th birthday with a camping party.

Kinley is super excited to spend the weekend camping with her closest friends!

When we return I will post some photos and have some free printables too!

1.  The Great Campout Collection

2. Happy Camper Scavenger Hunt {Free printable coming soon}

3 -4. Please don’t feed the bears! {Free printable coming soon}

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Framers’ Market | Simple Things Sunday

I love Farmers’ Market!
I love shopping for fresh organic fruits and vegetables. This weekend I went to our local farmers, market in Aptos with my girls, my sister and my mom and I snapped a few photos.

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July 23, 2012 - 8:51 am

Meagan - Beautiful! I love farmers market photos – so colorful and full of summer! Our farmers market is not very convenient for us and it makes me sad. I should just be brave and go anyway! ;) Thanks for sharing!